Muslim Inbreeding: Devastating For Peaceful Co-Existence


“I am an Arabic woman who can testify that most Arabs, and especially Muslim Arabs, come from “inbred” families. Typically, Arabic men marry their first cousins and reproduce accordingly.

Most educated people understand that the consequences of intermarriage between first cousins often have a very serious impact on the offspring’s intelligence, sanity, health and on their surroundings.

I speak from experience because I know this from my own family. I have seen the tragic consequences of consanguineous marriages at first-hand.

The children of consanguineous marriages………………”

Islam: All Muslims Share Terrorism Goals


“……………..Although it appears that the vast majority of Muslims are peace-loving, those same Muslims indirectly promote the wicked actions of terrorist Muslims. The peaceful Muslims are supportive of the terrorist Muslims in several ways:…………..”

Muslim “Refugees:” Crybaby Obama’s Lies And Ridicule Get Old


“The White House criminal ID forgery fraud, and lifestyle deceiver, aka Obama, is at it again; lying and ridiculing:…………….”

ISIS Didn’t Suddenly Appear: It Was Put Into Power

The Islamic terrorist organization called ISIS, didn’t just suddenly appear. It was spawned from a badly damaged Middle East. Furthermore, American influences and operatives did their share to bring about its ugly and destructive crimes against humanity, existence.

Please note the 21 minute informational video………………

Obama Likely The Sinister Kidnapping Criminal Behind The Missing Malaysian Aircraft

“……When Obama is indicted and brought to trial there will be no shortage of charges brought against him for his crimes against humanity……”

The presence of Islam within any society is an invitation to jihad – by Chris Farrell

Our Nation’s Founders Drew a Line in the Sand that, if recognized and applied to the present situation wherein America is being systematically infiltrated by agents of Islam intent on advancing the Islamist agenda within the fabric of American society could function as an instrument with which America could properly… Read more“The presence of Islam within any society is an invitation to jihad – by Chris Farrell”

“Propaganda Breeding Process” for Future Jihad Terrorists?

Is this another “propaganda breeding process” for future Jihad terrorists? Given the reality that Muslim children are taught to despise Jewish children, one has to be very suspicious: “Islam’s Cartoon Missionaries” – …..But a closer look reveals the Islamic nature of the comic book. The title, 99, refers to Islam’s… Read more““Propaganda Breeding Process” for Future Jihad Terrorists?”