Zionism And Zionists: Ravaging Words Molesting Holy Scripture’s Zion


“Youtube channels and other websites are guilty of misusing a certain word. It’s a common (erroneous) practice to label and stereotype, certain New World Order manipulators, as ‘Zionists.’ That designation takes a Scriptural word (Zion) and denigrates it. The usage of that word and forms of it, in attempting to describe malevolent New World Order wicked people and malicious groups, is not only dishonest but a type of ‘generalization’ (aka, illogical reasoning / fallacy)………………”

Nazi Tactics Used In America: Same-Type Scheming Methods Practiced In Hitler’s Germany


< <<<<<<<<<<< Moralmatters has been warning about mainstream media playing Americans for fools. That same media report increasing government contrived propaganda and violence events. Following (link below) is an example of one of those events where the crisis actor was reportedly caught. Will the person >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Obama’s Beau Biden Eulogy: An Unrepentant Tyrant’s Conflicted Rhetoric


“……….Aka Obama’s Beau Biden eulogy was praised by Bari’s mainstream media. Such suck-up adulation is no surprise. One headline implied that the Beau Biden death, the mourning and funeral events………..

……….The eulogy read “speech” was very well constructed. Aka Obama in boot-click cadence fashion began with the “broad-shouldered” theme. He carried that virtue imagery to the very scripted, end. But, like all of Bari’s spoken words, he cannot begin and end his utterances, without reflecting and showcasing his lifestyle lying character. So it was with the Beau Biden Eulogy……………”

Don’t think it can’t happen again: International Holocaust Remembrance Day

International Holocaust Remembrance Day 27th Jan 2013 Holocaust Documentary – A short documentary about the holocaust – youtube.com Related: Holocaust – conservapedia.com Israel Marks Holocaust Remembrance Day – dawn.com/2012/04/19/ Khamenei: Zionist regime will disappear from map – theextinctionprotocol.wordpress.com/ A Literal Hell? — One of the most compelling reasons – thechristianmessage.org/2011/11/ Excerpt:… Read more“Don’t think it can’t happen again: International Holocaust Remembrance Day”