Obama Hates Mother’s Day: Gruesome Reminder Of His Soul Murder


“Every Mother’s Day, crimes against peace and humanity White House ID forgery fraud, aka Obama is reminded how he is cursed. He celebrates no normal Mother’s Day. It’s impossible for him to do so. He never had (and is presently bereft of) a godly mother. His childhood reeked with abnormality. That childhood (and beyond, severely lacked loving nurture); only malevolent maternal actions which resulted in “soul murder.” the result of deprivation, defrauding, manipulation and brainwashing.

Ever wonder why aka Obama is, the way he is? Ever wonder why……………..”

Stephen Pidgeon One Of America’s Finest! Opposite Of Treasonous Obama


“TERRIBLE TRUTH is honored to bestow its Fifth Annual MAN OF THE YEAR AWARD upon North American Law Center’s Stephen Pidgeon – terribletruth.wordpress.com/

Excerpt: ……………..”

Nazi Obama: If He Won’t Tell The Truth Someone Else Will


>>>>>>>>>>>>Please note the short Blog Talk Radio program [link below] as Obama Investigative Researcher, Martha Trowbridge tells the truth about the present U.S. government which has been temporarily seized by >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Aka Obama Researcher Trowbridge: Did Hitler ‘Eliminate’ Major Glenn Miller?


“…….Trowbridge’s core question:

Was Aka Obama’s grandfather, Third Reich Führer Adolf Hitler, the malicious force behind Major Glenn Miller’s 1944 disappearance?………”

Obama’s Nazi-Esque War Provocation Exposed: Ukraine’s Poroshenko Defection


>>>>>>>>>>>>In a stunning admission Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko exposed America’s Nazi-esque meddling and war-provoking usurper (false reality) U.S. “president,” aka Obama.

Isn’t it both telling and ironic how “like” produces “like?” The criminal White House ID (forgery) fraud, aka Obama >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Obama’s Digital SS U.S.A. Freedom Act: Slithering Replacement For The Patriot Act


“It’s way past time to make it tough for A.k.a. Obama and his gang to do their dirty deeds. Let’s face it, for far too many years, America’s non-vigilance has made it a cake-walk for political evildoers to destroy the country you cherish. Complaining will not resurrect our Constitutional Protections. Congressional action will.

If your elected officials support The Patriot Act’s Evil Twin ‘U.S.A. Freedom Act’, demand they carefully explain to you, which of the three above characterizations fits. Be they fool, co-conspirator, or weasel, inform them: this is MY country, this is MY Constitution, these are MY rights – defend them, or get out of my way. Adi or no Adi, America’s roaring back………………………”

Strap Body Camera And Audio Recording Surveillance On Obama 24/7


“On the heels of the government / media contrived Ferguson protests and rioting, America’s chief race baiter, aka Obama, is pushing for the nation’s local law enforcement officers to wear body cameras and be fitted with audio equipment to ‘monitor’ policing activities. It’s aka Obama’s malevolent method to…………..”