The Miracle Of The Incarnation: Creator God Prepared A Body


“Please note at the end of this article, the short YouTube video with script verses, following.

Lord God who created the world, the sun, moon and stars, is the same One who engineered The Incarnation. That miracle of the sinless Christ being born (from) and into the human sinful flesh world, is perhaps, not only the most unfathomable miracle but also the most misunderstood……………”

Merry Christmas and an earnest prayer and wish from

We live in a world, hell-bent for destruction. All one has to do, living in the United States, is not to look far. This nation has been blest by the Triune [true] God. But, it has lost that favored status. For those still godly, moral and / or ethical enough,… Read more“Merry Christmas and an earnest prayer and wish from”