Obama’s Cheat Sheets For Illegal Immigrants: He Contrived The Illegal Invasion

“…….The problem is, that once the illegal immigrant now makes this claim, they are given a summons to appear before an immigration judge within 14 days. Then they are free to disappear within the interior of the country. And, gues what? Most illegals never appear at their hearing! We don’t know their real name. We don’t know where they are. There’s no way to track them!……..”

Bay City Michigan: Bused-In Crowd From Detroit Demonstrate Hate Mongering At Illegal Alien Protest

“Tonight’s protest was unlike any I have seen in this area. A large contingency of leftists came from Detroit 90% were minority. And at least a quarter of them were stoned out of their gourds…….

…….The liberals and communist that were bused in from Detroit were being paid by the pseudo-communist organization BAMN which is known for it’s violent and destructive left-wing activism……..”

Bay City Michigan Public Officials Hell-Bent To Support Obama’s Illegal Alien Human Trafficking

Found on the Bay City, Michigan website — “Vision Statement:” “Government imagination leading our community into the future.”

It’s a travesty for the city’s present and long-term future that its irresponsible politicians don’t think with their heads. Rather, they use their “immaginations.” Hence, Bay City is an illegal firework’s haven for those who desire to invade the personal peace, quiet and well-being of its declining population.

Added to the lawless posture of city officials, are the same city officials placing their stamp of approval on aka Obama’s illegal alien human trafficking invasion…..Continued………

The Difference Between Legal Immigration And Illegal Immigration

The Divine Revelation of Scripture declares that “Whoever has no rule over his own spirit is like a city broken down, without walls.” [Proverbs 25:28 – NKJV]

In similar fashion, a country without enforceable boundaries, ceases to be a distinct and viable nation.

Economic And Social Congestion: Results Of Poor Immigration Management And Illegal Aliens

“The key factor in immigration is the numbers. Almost nothing will have more impact on how you live your life in the United States, or the kind of country that your children and grandchildren live in, that how Congress sets these numbers…….”

Illegal Aliens Keep Pouring In: Call Congress Now To Stand Up To Obama

It is absolutely vitally important to flood Congressional phone lines with your objections to the aka Obama contrived efforts to flood America with illegal aliens. Please call the Congressional phone number, now. Implore the political leaders who are paid by your taxes to stand up to the White House criminal ID fraud and block his efforts to drown America with illegal aliens!

The main switchboard: 1-202-224-3121

Illegal Aliens Are Both A Local And A National Issue: Vassar Michigan

Ed Coet: “……..We are a sovereign country not an international orphanage……”