False Victims: Government Contrived False Reality Crisis Actors


“Moralmatters readers are informed about government contrived false reality events. Sometimes they alert this author of the latest. At other times they respond to this author who posts some of the many staged events.

Here, following are some of those comments – specifically addressed to one of the latest false realities:…………..”

Here, following are some of those comments – specifically to one of the latest:………..”

Gay Assaults: An Obama False Reality Playground


“Moralmatters suspects that the criminal ID forgery fraud, aka Obama (contaminated) White House has found another venue to promulgate its government contrived false reality violence events………….”

SCOTUS Finds for Fiction and Iniquity 5-4: By Laurie Higgins


“………….This pernicious SCOTUS decision also provides evidence that the moral arc of America—at least with regard to marriage—bends not toward justice, wisdom, or morality but, rather, toward perversity and injustice. Liberals are once again on the shameful side of history and will once again foment cultural conflict and human suffering.”

Homofascism: Eric Rush Scenario Describes Its Molestation And Boomerang Effect


“Please note: Scroll all the way down to the page to view the 1 and 1/2 minute video featuring the disturbing personal angst and hurt of Kylie Jenner & Kendall over Bruce Jenner’s self-inflicted gender molestation.

What specifically and finally will ultimately ‘transform’ traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America? Read the excellent commentary by Eric Rush following the Moralmatters mini-commentary. Erik’s piece, may very well answer the question as to what will precipitate the molestation end………………”

Kudos For The Family Of Deceased Transgender: Honestly Present The Born Gender At Funeral


“Please note the Anti-Christian, aberrant friendly Huffington Post’s propaganda version of the funeral end of a man who messed with his created person. Also note the short Moralmatters commentary and related informational links following the political correctness Huffington Post excerpt……….”

Christian Baker Daniel McArthur In The Legal Cross Hairs Of Hate Mongering Gay Activists


“…………..Homosexual [LGBT] activists have again shown the public why they are some of the worst nasty people. Creator God / Almighty will eventually judge everyone for their sinful behaviors because all of humanity has transgressed His perfect Commandments. But this Moralmatters author is convinced [based upon the divine revelation] that the Lord of all will reserve special judgments…………….”

Cowardly Congress Allows Obama Power Grab

Obama Grabs More Kingly Power – conservativenewsandviews.com/2012/08/19/ Moralmatters.org Comments: This Obama  power grab of  the “appointment tool,” is really no surprise. After all, Obama is all about control without regard to Constitutional (checks and balances) government. And, it is no surprise why the Republicans have not kicked up a fuss about… Read more“Cowardly Congress Allows Obama Power Grab”