Donald Trump Desires A Fair Non-Rigged Election: Anything Wrong With That?


The ignored “‘Elephant’ in the room” for those wickedly motivated by political correctness, power, covetousness and selfishness, versus honesty and fairness, is, voting fraud (aka, election fraud)……..

…….It’s no wonder why Hillary Clinton said that she was horrified that Donald Trump would question the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election results. She and wicked conniving others are caught red-handed. They are guilty as hell…….

Hillary Clinton Labyrinth Of Lies: Moralmatters Adds A New Topic Page


“Moralmatters added another topic page. This page about Hillary Clinton has multiple links of Moralmatters articles about Hillary Clinton:…………..”

Hillary Clinton: Moralmatters Reader Says She Has An Ugly Mouth


“Recently this Moralmatters author read a leftist Hollywood-type tabloid mainstream news article featuring Hillary Clinton (essentially) saying that she was a Christian. Honest, intelligent and intelligent souls will not be deceived by that propaganda as………

Please note the one Moralmatters reader’s pointed observation of Hillary Clinton:……..”

2016 Presidential Election: Hillary Clinton Most Experienced Potential Candidate


“Please note the large pic and informational links that follow it.

Moralmatters has no doubt that the most experienced potential candidate for the 2016 Presidential Election is none other than Hillary Rodham Clinton……………..”