NASA Astronaut Alan Bean Lying Himself All To Hell


“…………..NASA astronauts are perhaps, some of the most prominent of all lifestyle liars. Their sin of lying is especially egregious because their repeated lies are believed by billions of gullible people. Scores of impressionable people actually believe the NASA deceptions.

Astronaut Deception Is Massive. The Lies Affect Billions Of Souls:………….”

Apollo Astronaut Deceiver Gene Cernan Dies: His Brightest Moment Surpassed


“The lies of NASA and mainstream media continue to be proliferated. No human being stepped foot on the Moon. The Moon is in the heavens, Creator God’s domain.

It is not scientifically possible for humans to reach the Moon. NASA, itself has admitted that. Yet,…………………”

United States Deserves No Independence: Only Lord God’s Justice Judgment


“Please note the short 10 minute video (following the script excerpt) which includes the testimony of Holly O’Donnell, ex abortion ‘procurement technician.’ Also view, the Editor’s Note…………….”

Depravity Of Man: The Depravity Of Human Nature


Please note (below) the related Moralmatters articles at the end of the “Total Depravity Verse List.”

Also note that the following article’s contents can be utilized as an extensive helpful resource in pointing out to misguided and arrogant individuals (who accept without question) what their governments and enabling mainstream media tell them. We live in a world of lies. As such, it takes wise and informed individuals to distinguish deception from reality / truth…………….

The False Reality Event That Transformed Human And Hereafter History


Human history is a torrent flow of false reality fraud. False realities (also know as false flags, hoaxes, psyops, psychological operations) are happenings (events) which result from evil contrivance and pre-planning, initiated by certain (behind the scenes) “powers that be,” influential people.

These false reality scheming and wicked planners operate by trickery, stealth and deceit. They utilize planned events (often feigned) and crisis actors to foment propaganda among the populace for the purpose (goal) of a particular outcome. That goal always is intended to manipulate the populace by propaganda and fear…………………………..

The Father Of All Criminal Conspiracies: His Goal


“The fundamental nature of a criminal conspiracy is deception. Without lies there would be no criminal conspiracies. They are hand-in-glove operations. Without lies to conceal, there is no reason for wicked individuals to concoct fraudulent schemes to deceive the masses. Criminal conspiracies always have purpose. Purposes may vary but the goal is always the same: To gain control and to steer those deceived by the criminal conspiracies to believe, accept and behave in ways agreeable to the criminal conspirators………………..”

Criminal Masquerading Mainstream Media Celebrates Criminal Hillary Clinton As A Victorious Victim


“Not only is Hillary Clinton, the criminal ID forgery fraud and his political cabal deserving of the gallows over their Benghazi lies and treasonous armament ‘gun-running’ to Muslim terrorists, but certain influential media personalities are equally guilty for spreading their treasonous propaganda against Americans and America’s Constitutional Republic……………”