Muhammad Ali: Media Uses His Death For Propaganda Purposes


When a Hollywood, political or sports celebrity dies the mainstream whoredom media is more than ready, to proliferate its propaganda. It’s coverage of the person, passed on, glorifies the personality’s life. The propaganda is rife with extolling the deceased’s beliefs and life’s actions which often are contrary to “normal,” traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America. and, to good morals and genuine “spirituality.”……….

……..Corrupt United States enabling media would have the public believe that Islam is a legitimate “religion.” That same whorish media would have the public believe that Islam is respectable; that it is peaceable. What that same wicked media fail to convey, is…………..

Muhammad Ali: His Erroneous View Of Islam


“Not only was Muhammad Ali misinformed about the San Bernadino false reality (see news piece excerpt, below); he held a false view of Islam. the same erroneous view that GW Bush propagandized following 9/11; that, Islam was [is] a religion of peace.

Islam is not a religion of peace. It shouldn’t even be categorized as a religion. Islam is…………..”

Jeb Bush Presented Benghazi Butcher Hillary Clinton The Liberty Medal: Questions Donald Trump’s Judgment

Excerpt (pic caption):

“……….Yet, even today, Jeb Bush is critical of Donald Trump’s judgment, saying (in effect) that if elected U.S. President, Mr. Trump would blow us all to nuclear hell……….”