Dallas Police Department Shooting False Reality: Jade Helm Related


< <<<<<<<<<<< Please read the following 2 Moralmatters Reader's comments. Be quickly reminded that the recent (false reality) Dallas Police Department Headquarter's "shooting" event, comes on the heels of the intrusive (aka Obama-conspired) Jade Helm U.S. Military "exercise." Also be reminded that government contrived wickedness is not without an agenda plan. Evil is not haphazard. It is stealthily organized. Last Century's Nazi Germany, is a woeful example. >>>>>>>>>>>>

Super Bowl Sandy Hook Kid’s Choir: Ignored By The Newtown School Board


< <<<<<<<<<< A MoralMatters Reader left the following comments after the recent MM posting of: Wolfgang Halbig: Exposed Sandy Hook School Board Members As Criminal Co-Conspirators - moralmatters.org Moralmatters Reader's comments utilizing a large photo: At least a large group of those 26 kids were from Sandy Hook and are the actual kids that allegedly were ”killed” on that December day. EXCEPT one big difference….they are 4 or 5 years OLDER when they sang at the Super Bowl. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Refuse The Snake Oil: Stand Against Obama Propaganda


…………….The aka Obama government (cabal) is counting on public opinion to change – in his wicked direction. He can’t wait for more Americans to buy his snake oil anti-Second Amendment pack of lies, propaganda.

Have you ever wondered why all the government contrived violence events? Have you asked yourself why……………

Ferguson And The Conspiracy Theorist Straw Man Stereotype: The Ridicule Gets Old


Please note the related informational links and video following the short mini commentary:

Those who do not desire others to question their “‘gospel’ understanding” of reality are often arrogant people who are intellectually indolent. Instead, these hapless and meandering souls, rabidly turn on those who question. They end up piling on their propaganda ridicule.

The following commentary article is a clear example of those who ridicule others who question the reported mainstream media events that have transpired in Ferguson Missouri……………………

Americans Duped By Government / Media Hoaxes: Crisis Actors And Their Smiling Faces

………If a majority of Americans would take to heart the aforementioned question, they would smartly evolve into competent thinking individuals. They would question what they hear; examine what they see; and evaluate what others would have them believe. The framing and founding fathers of this United States never intended its future inhabitants to be mindless — controlled by a very small percentage of wicked control freaks.

Please note the short 4 minute youtube video exposing hoax crisis actors………….

Community agitating Obama: Lectures against Second Amendment rights highlighting contrived government / media events

Community agitating Obama: Lectures against Second Amendment rights highlighting contrived government / media (pre-planned) events: Please note the mini commentary and highlighting (excerpt) AP propaganda article following the large Obama pic and its caption: Rarely does this Moralmatters.org author highlight an Associated Press (propaganda) “news” article. However, there are exceptions to… Read more“Community agitating Obama: Lectures against Second Amendment rights highlighting contrived government / media events”