The Hoax Of Sandy Hook: Ignore, Deny, React Or Appropriately Respond


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The Soul Murder Of The Sandy Hook Hoax Childhood Crisis Actors


“This Moralmatters author, Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel, wonders when some Sandy Hook Hoax participant children begin ‘spilling some Sandy Hook beans.’ He also ruminates how much more parental criminal co-conspiratorial influence their parents will exert over them to keep them quiet. Will their wicked parents have the same degree of future evil influence over their children as some murderous parents have had, who end up killing their (own) offspring’s souls? [1] [2] Why does this sinful culture despise parents, who outright murder their offspring by willfully aborting or drowning (them); why are they often considered worse than those wicked parents who…………..”

Two Year Anniversary Of Alleged Sandy Hook Shooting: Question The Event


If you are one of the confused Americans over the alleged Sandy Hook Shooting massacre, please access the following documentary video [link below]. If you are an American who has believed and accepted the big government / mainstream media version of events and still can’t figure out why many of your fellow Americans believe those Sandy Hook events were contrived and pre-planned, the recent Sandy Hook documentary is for you…………….

Sandy Hook Documentary: Behind The Scenes Discussion About The Staged Event


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Independent Media Solidarity Presents Extensive Documentary About The Alleged Sandy Hook Newtown School Shooting


“………….The future of traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America is at stake. Honest, intelligent and freedom loving Americans no longer need to be ruled by government criminals and mainstream media criminals. These criminals deserve to be publicly exposed and eventually brought to trial. It is incumbent that these same wicked individuals (who involve themselves in massive public scams) be indicted, prosecuted, sentenced and severely punished for all their fraud………..”

Santa Barbara Hoax: Many Gullible Americans Still In Denial  

…….Understand that a “hoax” may include fake or real blood; fake or real deaths. The common denominator in these “event happenings” is………

Santa Barbara Hoax: Video Highlights Some Scripted Crisis Actors 

“Excellent video wherein the narrator plays the interview of some Santa Barbara “witnesses,” and points out how scripted they are……”