Why People Believe Government Contrived Propaganda And Violence Events: AKA Hoaxes


“Moralmatters is convinced that there are 2 major reasons why multiple millions of people believe and act upon government contrived propaganda and violence events – aka hoaxes (scam-frauds). These two reasons are intelligently and succinctly stated in a recent comment by an avid Moralmatters.org reader: ………………”

Boston Marathon Bombing Hoax: Fraud Is The Only Reasonable Explanation


“People are emotional creatures. They generally react rather than respond. They are captivated by what they first see and hear. Initial visual and auditory impressions are very difficult to dispel. Corrupt big government and its criminal co-conspirator complicit mainstream media are acutely aware of the picture propaganda and corresponding sound track audio, which it wishes to dangle before the public. And, the public (to their never ending self-destructive demise) by-and-large, take the bait – every time…………”

Peekay22 Exposes Boston Marathon Bombing Hoax Crisis Actor: Lady Bump


“Peekay22 has again done his homework exposing yet another Boston Marathon Bombing hoax crisis actor. He believes her to be, ‘Lady Bump.’ Peekay believes this apparent criminal co-conspirator to the Boston Marathon Bombing global deception fraud, is none other than Mass. government taxpayer paid, employee, State Auditor, Susanne M. Bump…………….”

Moralmatters Commends Various You Tube Channel Authors


This afternoon this Moralmatters author visited a couple of his friends. Without this author bringing up this website or the subject of “conspiracy theories,” one of these two dear friends alluded to “Conspiracy Theory.” (This friend, apparently cannot accept the reality that government and mainstream media have colluded over the past 20 years to produce nefarious “contrived government and media propaganda and violence events).”

Mind you, Moralmatters does not choose his friends and acquaintances based upon whether they agree with him, or not. I was all ears when my friend expressed his conspiracy theory that a genuine conspiracy theory must have…………

Paris Shooting Hoax: Forensic Evidence Controverts Mainstream Media Propaganda


“Please note the series of Moralmatters articles on the Paris Shooting Hoax (with their multiple informational links) following the Moralmatters mini-commentary and the 2 minute revealing video:

Forensic Evidence Controverts Mainstream Media Propaganda

Forensic evidence can be as basic as……………..”

Paris Shooting Hoax: Mass Demonstration Over-Kill


“Please note the 3 minute youtube video following the Moralmatters mini-commentary:

Take a good look at the political leaders in the very front of the massive demonstration. Gaze at their faces. They came for an obvious (bogus) ‘solidarity’ photo op. They also arrived to…………….”

Paris Shooting Hoax: Dance Invitation To Mainstream Media Connoisseurs


“All roads have led to France. The world is captivated by mainstream media reports about the latest major global (alleged) violence event……………”