Criminal Crisis Actor-In-Chief Obama: Visits San Bernardino Criminal Crisis Actors


“Please note the related informational links and the YouTube video following the Moralmatters mini-commentary:

Those not fooled, know that aka Obama’s San Bernardino recent visit wasn’t to grieve with the alleged families of the deceased. They (we) know it was a contrived mainstream media propaganda photo-op opportunity to reinforce the false reality government contrived lie.


Paris Terror Attacks Staged: Multiple Sources Evidence The False Reality


“Please note that “false realities” are contrived, engineered and implemented as repeat deception practices of corrupt governments, world-wide. Especially note that government sponsored, law enforcement and media, enabled, “false realities” take place as real (genuine) events.

The term, “False reality” does not suggest that the contrived events don’t happen (actually take place) and that people are not injured and / or killed. False realities are designed to be propaganda driven. They often utilize theatrical blood. Thus they can be correctly called, ‘hoaxes.’ And, even a hoax can end up having people (actually) killed. A 2,000 year-old example, was……………..”

Paris Friday The 13th Attack: Contrived False Reality Event


“…………….Question: Why didn’t the French President’s security force secure the entire stadium with heavily-armed SWAT patrol all over the place? Paris just had a terrible “terror attack” this past January, so this city should be on heightened alert. More important than anything else, the French President’s security force…………

The Adam Lanza Of Dallas And The False Flag President Aka Obama


For a better understanding of the following commentary, please access 2 recent Moralmatters articles:

Dallas Police Department Shooting False Reality: Jade Helm Related –

Dallas PD Shooting Story Likely Another False Reality: Its Target Was The Texas Gun Legislation –

The little boy who repeatedly bellowed, “Wolf!” was eventually ignored by those who heard his incessant cries. The same (scenario) is taking place here in aka Obama’s false flag (aka, false reality) America…………..

………………..During America’s “Flag Day” weekend in which the “Dallas Police Headquarters Shooting” false flag event occurred, our usurper White House criminal forgery ID fraud, – (“false flag”) “president” held a secret party in The [our] White House.

Please note…………………

Super Bowl Sandy Hook Kid’s Choir: Ignored By The Newtown School Board


< <<<<<<<<<< A MoralMatters Reader left the following comments after the recent MM posting of: Wolfgang Halbig: Exposed Sandy Hook School Board Members As Criminal Co-Conspirators - Moralmatters Reader's comments utilizing a large photo: At least a large group of those 26 kids were from Sandy Hook and are the actual kids that allegedly were ”killed” on that December day. EXCEPT one big difference….they are 4 or 5 years OLDER when they sang at the Super Bowl. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Crisis Actor Fraud Exposed: Moralmatters Lists Multiple Lower Than Snake Belly Personalities


What is it with political, law enforcement and other criminal “authorities?” Do they actually deceive themselves into thinking that the lower-than-snake-belly crisis actors they employ, will not be found out? Do they also think that their orchestration of contrived propaganda and violence events will not be discovered, exposed and examined by an ever increasing public awareness? Do they also (mistakenly) think………………

Botched Piers Morgan Sandy Hook Hoax Interview: Alex Israel Denies CNN’S Claimed Adam Lanza Classmate Status


Please note the short 1 minute and 48 second youtube video. Especially note @ 1:13 of the video how the young girl apparently contradicts her story of “knowing” Adam Lanza and how she ends up denying that she was a “classmate” of Lanza – contrary to the CNN claim that she, was a Lanza classmate………..

……….Slothful Americans are hooked on their mainstream media addiction; so much so, they lack due diligence to search out Independent Media sources. This massive group of indolent and irresponsible Americans, choose to be whorish in their lustful embrace of mainstream media convoluted cultural deceptions. They have………..