Zika Microcephaly Caused By Monsanto Chemical Larvicide: Pyriproxyfen Added To Drinking Water


“It’s another big government-caused, screw-up. Rather than being held subject to accountable behavior and taking responsibility for its proliferation of misery, big government ratchets up propaganda and misinformation.

A Moralmatters Reader offers the following mini-commentary:……………….”

Good seeds versus GMO altered seeds

A basic chart explaining the difference among various agricultural seeds Please also note the various informational links below the pic: Related: The Monsanto Monster: Genetically Modified Food – moralmatters.org/2013/05/24/ Apparen Percy Schmeiser an Agricultural Hero: Taking on the Monsanto Monster – moralmatters.org/2013/05/29/ Monsanto promoted GMO genocide – moralmatters.org/2013/06/03/ Monsanto big government influence:… Read more“Good seeds versus GMO altered seeds”

The Monsanto Monster: Genetically Modified Food

Please note as you scroll down, the many pics with captions.  Continue scrolling down after each pic to read the caption script as this MM article is opting to utilize large pictures for easy viewing. Also note 7  sections – 3 of which contain (script) excerpts of 3 different informational online articles. (1)… Read more“The Monsanto Monster: Genetically Modified Food”