President Donald Trump: How Will We Know He’s The Real Thing?


“How will we know Donald Trump is the real thing? How will we know that he is his own man? How will we know he is no one’s puppet?

How will we know if Donald Trump really cares for America and its future?……………….”

Moralmatters Commends Various You Tube Channel Authors


This afternoon this Moralmatters author visited a couple of his friends. Without this author bringing up this website or the subject of “conspiracy theories,” one of these two dear friends alluded to “Conspiracy Theory.” (This friend, apparently cannot accept the reality that government and mainstream media have colluded over the past 20 years to produce nefarious “contrived government and media propaganda and violence events).”

Mind you, Moralmatters does not choose his friends and acquaintances based upon whether they agree with him, or not. I was all ears when my friend expressed his conspiracy theory that a genuine conspiracy theory must have…………