United States Deserves No Independence: Only Lord God’s Justice Judgment


“Please note the short 10 minute video (following the script excerpt) which includes the testimony of Holly O’Donnell, ex abortion ‘procurement technician.’ Also view, the Editor’s Note…………….”

Prince: His Chemtrails Talk Silenced

Did Prince stray from the “powers that be,” reservation? Did he actually (unexpectedly and naturally) die at the age of 57? Was he “knocked off?” Or, was [is] he “relocated?”

It’s common knowledge that……………….

Crimes Against Humanity: Black Women Also Responsible


Please note Mychal Massie’s 5 minute video after the following Moralmatters mini-commentary:

Mychal Massie hasn’t fallen prey to the politically correct blindness of the culture. He believes that black women are not victims who are forced to destroy their offspring. He correctly believes and trumpets the reality that black women are murdering their pre-born offspring……………………

Abortion Genocide Leaders And Their Damnation Reckoning: Hereafter Hell Horrors


……………..Please read the excellent commentary piece – (excerpt and link below) authored by Mychal Massie. Read it with the clear thought in mind that there is soon coming, a day of horrific judgement for those involved in black abortion genocide. Know for a logical, spiritual and moral reality that those, who by their unrepentant sins of commission and omission — those same individuals, will specifically receive their just due excruciating torment pain and eternal suffering for all their sins that they have committed against their fellow human beings………………..

Obama Bombing ISIS Is Not What It Appears: He Continues To Support Muslim Terrorism

“…….Considering aka Obama’s lifestyle lying history, there is no clear evidence to suggest that his decision to revisit the Iraqi War by bombing some Muslim armament hardware, possesses any firm resolve to eliminate the ISIS surge of genocidal terror in the Middle East. Remember the old adage? A leopard doesn’t change its spots……….”

Obama America’s # 1 Sex Offender: The Numbers Don’t Lie

…….The most egregious violation of one’s personal space and personhood is to [outright] exterminate an individual. What’s even more wicked and diabolical, is to exterminate a helpless and innocent little person while they are yet within the [divine] created and protective womb of his [or her] mother……….

Obama Hitler comparison for good reason

Top 20 reasons people keep comparing Obama to Hitler – examiner.com/ Excerpt: >>>>>>>>> Ohio Congressional candidate Dr. Marisha Agana has now become the umpteenth public figure to liken Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler since he took office in 2009, and her comparison is drawing the usual hysterical shrieks, convulsions and… Read more“Obama Hitler comparison for good reason”