NASA Trickery: How Easy It Is


……………..American government’s big-brother NASA, is an impressive agency. Since last Century it has gathered unwavering worldwide attention with its massive program of (supposed) space conquest. Billions of people are impressed with NASA’S huge world-wide operation of videos, CGI and artistry. The (false) impression aura of sight, sound and self-acclaimed (alleged) “scientific” discoveries, simply tricks the public………………..

Mooned By NASA: The Propaganda Apollo Moon Landing Theatrical Event


“A Moralmatters reader left the following comment after the past commentary of: Americans Believed The Cold War Era Moon Landing Hoax: Still Do –

An apt description of gullibility can be found in the Divine Revelation of Scripture. Various Biblical passage sources help to explain why most humans are so easily swayed by corrupt government contrived propaganda – which of course, is parroted by a willing complacent back-pocket, evil mainstream media: …………….”

Stupid Christians – Why Christians are often foolish

“Stupid Christians – Why Christians are often foolish” – …….Recently there was (also) the news about the Christian mega-church leader, Joel Olsteen expressing his assertion that Obama is a Christian. His reason? Essentially, because Obama said so, – the same (lame brained) excuse reason that Joe the Plumber, offered. Didn’t… Read more“Stupid Christians – Why Christians are often foolish”