Crisis Actor Orlando Pulse Nightclub Payout Fund


“Why prosecute false charities when those charities can help pay-off the Orlando Pulse Nightclub crisis actors? Why waste…………..”

Vaccine: The Best Vaccine Is No Vaccine At All


“The following wealth of information comes a Moralmatters Reader:

I listened to a talk show during which a very knowledgeable researcher discussed his findings about vaccines. His name is Ken Valenzuela, he works in the medical field here in Southern California (he is NOT a doctor or nurse), and he has a wealth of information regarding vaccines. He has included all of his research on his Web site and he has documented a lot of his research in videos found on his YouTube channel.

There is a wealth of very valuable information at the Web site, and especially……………….”

Sandy Hook “shooting” massacre scandal: Follow the money

Please note the short youtube video and the one comment registered after the Sandy Hook “news” piece: What parent would need the inducement of monetary gain to begin mourning the loss of his or her child? “For me I’m just getting the opportunity to mourn because it took… Read more“Sandy Hook “shooting” massacre scandal: Follow the money”