NASA Discriminates Against Christian Employees: Why?


“NASA is clearly dealing highhandedly with its Christian employees. It’s the same U.S. government agency, which last Century allowed its astronauts to read from Biblical Scripture while it deceived the world’s population with its Hollywood-type scripted (taxpayer funded) multi-million dollar moon landing performance………….”

Illinois Family Institute Week In Review Online Newsletter: July 11, 2015


Anti-Marriage Deceivers and Fools – Written by Laurie Higgins:

If I had a nickel for every time a liberal said it’s a slippery slope fallacy to claim that the legalization of homoerotic marriage would necessarily result in the legal recognition of plural unions, I would be a very rich woman…………………”

Illinois Family Institute Week In Review Online Newsletter: July 3, 2015


“Please note the rich Independent online resource, below. Especially do so, realizing that mainstream media is evermore (and increasingly) transforming itself into a tabloid-type forum for government propaganda and the latest Hollywood scandal sheet refuse ‘news.’

Take notice of the thoughtful articles. Subscribe for IFI’S free delivery to your email…………….”

YouTube Management Lacks Integrity: The Sandy Hook Hoax Video Deletions


Please note the related links following the 2 minute youtube exposing the lack of integrity by YouTube management:……….

First Amendment Rights Only Apply At Home: Okay For Public Molestation By Homosexual Activists


…………..Homosexual activists who attempt to force Christians to accept and conform to their anti-Scriptural lifestyle, are essentially, hate mongers. Hate is not only conveyed in speech but in actions which attempt to force upon individuals that which is considered disagreeable and against one’s conscience. Homosexual activists which utilize the legal system against fellow Americans to accept their lifestyle, showcase themselves to be rabid immoral hate mongers………….

Disqus Censors Comment Discussion

“How many other people who comment on websites (using the Disqus facility) have been censored and essentially, black-listed?……….

Proposed Gun Control Law Trashes First, Second And Fourth Amendment Rights

“……So let’s say your neighbor doesn’t like you very much. He can actually petition the court saying that you’re a threat and you lose your Second Amendment right. Actually in this case you lose both your First and your Second Amendment right……”