Michelle Obama Reacts To Trump Election Win


“…………..It has been reported that First FAKE Lady, “Michelle” Obama did not graciously welcome Donald Trump’s visit to the White House. Michelle Obama raced through the motions of hosting Mrs. Donald Trump, while the same First FAKE Lady and her alleged husband, did not make themselves available to be photographed with Melania and Donald Trump. Speculation word has it, that ‘Mrs.’ [aka] Obama had been feeling depressed and wailing with fits of superhuman (gorilla-type) masculine rage……………….”

Michelle Obama’s Weight Lifting Double


“It appears as if our nation’s First Fake Lady self-appointed FAT CZAR has a possible weight lifting double.

Did Michelle Obama……………”

Michelle Obama: America’s Self-Appointed Fat Czar Lives High On The Hog


“If there is one word to describe the first fake lady, Fat Czar, Michelle Obama, it is, “extravagant.” The Obama’s live an extravagant lifestyle because they needlessly extort from American taxpayers. Such is no surprise as their presence in the White House is usurped by virtue of aka Barack Obama’s criminal ID forgery fraud…………..”

Michelle Obama Parades Her Narcissism With Race-Baiting Display


“It” must run in the “family.” We already knew that our criminal White House ID (forgery) fraud, aka “‘Barack’ Obama” experiences mental illness and suffers from dissociation and narcissism. But now its becoming increasingly evident that (aka) “Mrs.” Obama is afflicted…………….

Michelle Obama’s Racist Tuskegee University Speech: Narcissistic And Hypocritical


“This Moralmatters author vividly remembers his first college speech course. The professor made it very clear that communication is not just the spoken word, but the impression that one leaves with the audience. She drilled it into us, that an admirable speaker is not only responsible for what he says, but the atmosphere he imparts.

Moralmatters could only take so much of Michelle Obama’s lying speech (video, linked below). Like her reported husband, (aka ‘Barack’) her speech was primarily about ……………….”

Univision’s Rodner Figueroa Mischaracterized America’s Self-Appointed Fat Czar Michelle Obama


“Moralmatters thinks it deplorable that someone would mistaken America’s self-appointed Fat Czar and Fake First Lady as belonging to the Hollywood cast of The Planet of the Apes…………..”

Hell To Pay For Obama Critics: Joan Rivers Allegedly Murdered

………..Please take a listen to the short 4 minute youtube video which exposes Joan River’s “untimely death.” Then ask yourself (in light of the 1946 classic Movie, “The Stranger”) — “Why wouldn’t someone go to great lengths to hide one’s true identity?” ………..