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Picture found on the web. Hitler would be proud of Obama for his fascist handling of America.

Top 20 reasons people keep comparing Obama to Hitler –


>>>>>>>>> Ohio Congressional candidate Dr. Marisha Agana has now become the umpteenth public figure to liken Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler since he took office in 2009, and her comparison is drawing the usual hysterical shrieks, convulsions and fainting from the always easily-offended left……

……. Act like a fascist, get compared to one. It’s that simple. <<<<<<<<<< - Comments:

The Obama media have provided a protective cocoon around Obama. Whenever there is viable and legitimate criticism of their hero idol, this same media goes berserk with their perspective carnival barking cat calls of denunciations. Even the Republican Party with their presumptive nominee, bends to this political correctness agenda. The expected Republican Convention “tone” will be that Obama is a nice guy but, unfortunately incompetent to perform the duties of US chief executive.

History doesn’t matter with mainstream media, and its worshiping devotees of both political parties, hell-bent on protecting an unconstitutional president who illegitimately occupies the US White House. Neither does the US Constitution matter. The only thing that matters with the lapdog media and its mesmerized public is to create the illusion of America’s first “black” president. Anyone with a factual difference of opinion about that purported propaganda; or, anyone found (by them in disagreement) is therefore spotlighted in anathema and ridicule fashion; targeted as a conspiracy theorist, fanatic, “birther,” and / or racist.

However, be that as it may, this author still has hope in American voters’ sense of honesty and intelligence. It is my growing opinion that reasonable and thinking US voters are sick and tired of mainstream media’s thirsting infantile fascination with their propaganda lactating lying “president.” Most everything that this smoke and mirrors White House occupier has done since usurping the Executive office, has had the detrimental effect of destroying traditional and patriotic America. Reality needs to be on display, spotlighting Obama as not the man that the media portrays him; but rather a monster of stupendous and embarrassing proportions!


Libs may cat call, the Obama / Hitler comparison, “Unfair,” but genocide is a legitimate comparison. [Photo-shopped pic found on the web]

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>>>>>> …..Hate-mongering can take the form of policy, agenda and support for the destruction of pre-born life – and posterity. Current day, example:

It is common knowledge, of (then) Senator Obama’s past Illinois Senate record regarding his position and voting record for unrestricted and partial birth abortion. In addition to his abortion position on pre-born human life, he took a grotesque position in favor of allowing those babies surviving abortion to be left alone and die. What could be more hate filled, hideous, grotesque and monstrous than that? One cultural slogan observes: “The Ultimate Hate Crime” – needless, unrestricted and / or, wanton, “Abortion.”

Granted, the USA president is not another hate-mongering Hitler. No one could take the place of Hitler and his extermination sanction of 6 million Jews, gassed and burnt in Nazi holocaust concentration camps. But President Obama gives his presidential blessings to Planned Parenthood groups which pay for and participate in the unrelenting genocidal abortion slaughter. He has also lifted restrictions of USA taxpayer dollars which promulgate unrestricted, wanton and needless abortions, outside our country’s borders.

Hitler did not personally gas and load bodies into Nazi oven chambers. Neither does Obama poke and mutilate pre-born babies as they are in their mother’s protective wombs and also those babies imminently about to be born. But he is, as guilty of hate-mongering as Hitler, by virtue of his leadership role in support of the continuing abortion genocide. <<<<<<<<<< –

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