Obama’s Baltimore Children: Wicked Rabid Behavior


“Please note the 3 minute video and multiple informational links following the Moralmatters mini-commentary:

The wicked and rabid actions of our present criminal White House ID forgery fraud, aka Obama, and his boot-clicking cabal government, are of no surprise when one …………….”

All In The Family Plan: Obama’s Baltimore Puppet Mosby Invoking Malcolm X Revolutionary Formula


“Please note the Moralmatters reader comments following the short mini-commentary:

It appears all along that the recent Baltimore riots were spawned by criminal aka Obama and his radical leftist cabal. Is he attempting to …………”

Obama’s Baltimore Bitch: Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake


“It’s all unraveling. The Obama contrived schemes to molest America and eventually to destroy its Constitutional government.

This time, it is aka Obama’s devious use of one of his female surrogate bitches – Baltimore Mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. She is the criminal White House ID forgery fraud’s go-to-gal to foment the latest Obama cabal contrived propaganda / violence event. Obama’s Baltimore………..”

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake: Obama Political Puppet Suck-Up


“The propaganda is obvious if one cares to look beyond and below the media circus, surface. What’s being ‘sold’ to the American people is that local police departments can’t (supposedly) handle their own geographical law enforcement domains. Hence the need for big brother government to step-in. Bribe local politicians for their complicit do-nothing behavior, so that ……………….”