San Bernardino False Reality Shooting And Prostitutes Of Mainstream Media Whoredom


“It’s extremely nauseating to read and listen to self-professed American ‘conservatives’ as they “lap-dog” the mainstream media network propaganda news of the latest government contrived criminal false reality event in San Bernardino, CA.

The major moral (fatal) mistake of those who “entertain” mainstream media whores (aka, FOX, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, PBS, etc.) about……………….”

San Bernardino And Other False Reality Events: Legalized By Immoral Bastard U.S. Legislation

“There is no shortage of uninformed Americans. Gullibility, foolishness and ignorance abound. While travelling this afternoon, Moralmatters briefly heard two…………..

………They are obedient prostitute schills for America’s mainstream media whorehouse. These (“controlled right”) self-proclaimed angelic heralds of American exceptionalism, capitalism and freedom were again parroting media pimps latest false reality event hearsay; the San Bernardino false reality shooting event…………

………Note the 2 links immediately below. They relate the immoral legalization (aka, “criminal cover”) which the U.S. Government has given itself to contrive and perpetrate propaganda and propaganda violence events (aka, false reality hoaxes) against Americans, here in the United States. In other words, unscrupulous U.S. politicians immorally made lawful………..”

San Bernardino, CA Shooting Drill: Contrived Event Reported Real By Media Whores


“If there is anything that illustrates “over-kill” in our present day American culture, it is the continuance of government contrived propaganda events (aka false reality hoaxes). They are apparently and malevolently designed to be like a nagging wife who will not cease hounding her husband until he either gives-in to her, divorces her, or ends up, strangling her (out of sheer frustration)…………………”

In-Depth Analysis Of The Boston Marathon Bombing Hoax: Trilogy By Peekay Boston

“No other person has exposed the so-called Boston Marathon Bombing as a hoax, more than Australian, “Peekay.” His exposure videos with accompanying commentaries have been so starkly revealing that the cowardly “powers that be” have found it necessary to scrub them from the Internet in their attempts to conceal the truth. But that does not deter Peekay. He keeps coming back. See and hear the videos, below………

What is the modus operandi of those who desire to propagandize the masses?………”

Peekay22 Exposes Boston Marathon Bombing Hoax Crisis Actor: Lady Bump


“Peekay22 has again done his homework exposing yet another Boston Marathon Bombing hoax crisis actor. He believes her to be, ‘Lady Bump.’ Peekay believes this apparent criminal co-conspirator to the Boston Marathon Bombing global deception fraud, is none other than Mass. government taxpayer paid, employee, State Auditor, Susanne M. Bump…………….”