What Would The World Be Like? Thank You From Moralmatters 2014


It is with tender and humble delight that this Moralmatters author, Nathan M. Bickel, extends a “Thank you,” to all who have visited this particular website, this past year of 2014.

This author is not ashamed or remiss in being reminded that Moralmatters.org is not a “run-of-the-mill” website. He recalls the recent past, when a faithful friend offered him a very acute and wise piece of advice. The admonition came in form of a challenge, to take a simple walk and offer a specific prayer:…………….

Social Justice: The Evil Extortion Tool Of Socialists


Please note the related informational links following the short youtube video: …………

…………….In Christ’s teaching parable, the servant who put to interest his given talents, and, who reaped an increase, was rewarded the one talent that the unfaithful servant squandered, by burying. And, in the end, the unfaithful servant was punished. What Obama, though, desires of US government, is opposite of what Christ taught. Obama wants big government, to reward slothfulness and unproductively by extorting (stealing) from rank-in-file productive American citizens,……………..

The United States Will Lapse It’s Way Into History’s Memory Pages


“America will lapse its way into memory’s historical pages. It will become another nation that will have “bitten the dust.” Why? Because:……….”

Evil people will not prevail because the Lord God Almighty Reigns


“……………We need to forget about the lies of “God and country” that were fed to us as we were growing up and living our lives. It was all a dream as I see it now. We were fooled by the lies of the controllers who have been manipulating us. They think they will prevail and that they will have the “last word,” but in reality, this evil cabal is doing God’s Will – despite their idealizations to the contrary. Let us remember how the Lord used the Chaldeans to chasten His people (re-read the book of Habakkuk for reference).

We know that a tyranny is upon us, but we also know it is a part of a greater Plan. Our duty is to live our lives in the hope of the Expected Outcome – and NOT to be sidetracked by the evil agenda. It will………………..”

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Animal Cruelty a Mark of Evil

“Hundreds of Caged Canines Saved From Cooking Pot” – ‘They were cramped together. A cage could be stuffed with 7 to 8’ – wnd.com Warning –  Access the following link [below] if you care to read the parent news article with its horrific pics: “The ultimate dog’s dinner: Hundreds of… Read more“Animal Cruelty a Mark of Evil”