Depravity Of Man: The Depravity Of Human Nature


Please note (below) the related Moralmatters articles at the end of the “Total Depravity Verse List.”

Also note that the following article’s contents can be utilized as an extensive helpful resource in pointing out to misguided and arrogant individuals (who accept without question) what their governments and enabling mainstream media tell them. We live in a world of lies. As such, it takes wise and informed individuals to distinguish deception from reality / truth…………….

The False Reality Event That Transformed Human And Hereafter History


Human history is a torrent flow of false reality fraud. False realities (also know as false flags, hoaxes, psyops, psychological operations) are happenings (events) which result from evil contrivance and pre-planning, initiated by certain (behind the scenes) “powers that be,” influential people.

These false reality scheming and wicked planners operate by trickery, stealth and deceit. They utilize planned events (often feigned) and crisis actors to foment propaganda among the populace for the purpose (goal) of a particular outcome. That goal always is intended to manipulate the populace by propaganda and fear…………………………..

Satan And Demons: Moralmatters Adds A New Topic Resource Page


“Please note the new Moralmatters topic resource page,…………..”

Abortion Genocide Leaders And Their Damnation Reckoning: Hereafter Hell Horrors


……………..Please read the excellent commentary piece – (excerpt and link below) authored by Mychal Massie. Read it with the clear thought in mind that there is soon coming, a day of horrific judgement for those involved in black abortion genocide. Know for a logical, spiritual and moral reality that those, who by their unrepentant sins of commission and omission — those same individuals, will specifically receive their just due excruciating torment pain and eternal suffering for all their sins that they have committed against their fellow human beings………………..

Biden Will Also Reside In Hell

“……..Biden should not be so glib as to make reference to those who will reside in hell, when he is headed to the same place, barring genuine repentance………”

Stanley Ann Dunham: Obama Smoke Screen To Deceive The Gullible

…….People who believe the aka Obama story line of his mother being “Stanley Ann Dunham” don’t ponder what they are doing to actively scramble their thinking. What they are effectively and sadly doing, is to buy into the false life narrative of the man who promised he would “fundamentally change America.”……

Eternal damnation in hell not the only common denominator of unrepentant tyrant thieves

Few sins (against God and fellowman) are as contemptible and dastardly than stealing a person’s weapons and taking away his God-given (natural right) to defend himself. The ancient Romans would punish thieves by crucifixion for their thievery. We don’t know what the crimes were of the two criminals crucified alongside… Read more“Eternal damnation in hell not the only common denominator of unrepentant tyrant thieves”