Scientism And The Failure Of Professed Christians To Embrace Biblical Scripture


“Isn’t it amazing that those who refuse to believe in the infinite Almighty, Holy, Creator God (as described in the Biblical Scripture record); these same people believe-in and readily embrace an infinite, endless, fantastic (outer) space?…………..”

Depravity Of Man: The Depravity Of Human Nature


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Also note that the following article’s contents can be utilized as an extensive helpful resource in pointing out to misguided and arrogant individuals (who accept without question) what their governments and enabling mainstream media tell them. We live in a world of lies. As such, it takes wise and informed individuals to distinguish deception from reality / truth…………….

Michelle Obama: Her Satanic F-You Garment Gesture To America


“Luciferian ‘BAPHOMET’ imagery on ‘First Lady’ Michelle’s dress reveals all – they are satanists. Strutting it.”

– Moralmatters Reader………………

Obama’s Flint, Michigan Water Crisis Photo-Op: He Remains A Devil


“He never changes. He always uses every opportunity. The White House criminal ID forgery fraud manipulates mainstream media to make himself (out) to be, what he is not.

Aka Obama cravenly desires the public to believe that he is a compassionate person. He knows that he is not. He knows that he is a world-wide terrorist. He understands that he is de facto commander-in-chief of ISIS. He knows that he is a devil, doing his father’s bidding.

He knows………..”

Hillary Halloween Clinton


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Satan And Demons: Moralmatters Adds A New Topic Resource Page


“Please note the new Moralmatters topic resource page,…………..”

Obama Celebrates Father’s Day 24 / 7


>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Last week, the following tabloid “news” piece caught my eye. It was an article attributed to America’s lifestyle liar, criminal White House ID (forgery) fraud, aka Obama:

How the Presidency Made Me a Better Father –

The (aforementioned) propaganda piece motivated one Moralmatters reader, to write: >>>>>>>>>>>>