Presidential Outcome Rigged Before 2016 Election Day: Veritas Video Exposes


“………….If all this isn’t ‘enough’ we have election results ‘rigged’ (malevolently and methodically planned and executed with intended results) months before Election Day. This type of fraud is accomplished by a………….”

Hillary Clinton’s Health Condition: Democrats Need To Ditch Her


“Rarely does this Moralmatters author offer his advice to those who are hell-bent to destroy this United States. However, today he does. He rarely denies anyone his opinion.

This author does not desire November voters to cast their vote for someone who does not appear is capable of occupying the U.S. White House for the next 4-8 years.


2016 Presidential Election: Why It Will Be Rigged For Hillary Clinton


“One of the major reasons why the 2016 Presidential Election will be rigged in Hillary Clinton’s favor, is because the Benghazi Butcher cannot win, fairly.

Another major reason is,…………..

……………Please note the large informational pic sent by a Moralmatters Reader:……………”

Voting Fraud Fix Is In: Moralmatters Reader Comments On Matt Lauer Statement


…………It is a joke for anyone to imagine that our votes count and actually produce results.

The Control System presents a Reality Show for the public during every election season and during every swear-in ceremony.

We are led to believe that we have input into our government because the media is presenting us with ongoing dialog that supports an expensive and well-orchestrated Reality Show. The truth is…………..

Democratic National Convention Chaired By Crisis Actor Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake


…………If immoral Democrats can’t find the scum at the top of the heap, they are sure to find the crud elsewhere, on the bottom.

For those of you short on political history memory, corrupt Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is the same person who presided over Baltimore during the crisis acting 2015 Baltimore Riots. Those riots were propaganda inspired and staged. They were a coordinated effort of big money, specifically George Soros money, who also helped finance the Ferguson, Mo. protests………….

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DNC Summary: Obama’s Failure Upgraded to Incomplete

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