New Year 2017: The Most Prominent Political Issue


The most prominent political issue of 2017 will not be publicized by propaganda mainstream media news.

The most prominent political issue of 2017 among nations is the issue of willful and continued deception. That issue of deception is……………..

Aliens From Outer Space: Wernher Von Braun’s Forecast Of NASA Propaganda


……………Finally, here is what Dr. Von Braun would often say to Dr. Carol Rosin:

“And remember Carol, the last card is the alien card. We are going to have to build space-based weapons against aliens and all of it is a LIE.”……………..

The Father Of All Criminal Conspiracies: His Goal


“The fundamental nature of a criminal conspiracy is deception. Without lies there would be no criminal conspiracies. They are hand-in-glove operations. Without lies to conceal, there is no reason for wicked individuals to concoct fraudulent schemes to deceive the masses. Criminal conspiracies always have purpose. Purposes may vary but the goal is always the same: To gain control and to steer those deceived by the criminal conspiracies to believe, accept and behave in ways agreeable to the criminal conspirators………………..”

Internet Punishes Whistle-Blowers: Google And YouTube Censorship


“Moralmatters is familiar with censorship. Its content has been censored. Various methods are utilized to prevent cyberspace material from being seen and read on the Internet.

One common method of censorship is……………”

Breaking News: Treasonous Murderer Obama Blocking Arab Allies From Destroying ISIS


< <<<<<<<<<<< Please carefully note that aka Obama is true to his deceptive and murdering nature. The following article offers a specific example how the criminal ID (forgery) fraud has supported the growth and murderous actions of Islamic terrorists commonly called, ISIS or ISIL: Aka Obama is not only a lifestyle liar; he defiles the world with murderous destruction >>>>>>>>>>>

Obama Celebrates Father’s Day 24 / 7


>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Last week, the following tabloid “news” piece caught my eye. It was an article attributed to America’s lifestyle liar, criminal White House ID (forgery) fraud, aka Obama:

How the Presidency Made Me a Better Father –

The (aforementioned) propaganda piece motivated one Moralmatters reader, to write: >>>>>>>>>>>>

Hillary Clinton: Moralmatters Reader Says She Has An Ugly Mouth


“Recently this Moralmatters author read a leftist Hollywood-type tabloid mainstream news article featuring Hillary Clinton (essentially) saying that she was a Christian. Honest, intelligent and intelligent souls will not be deceived by that propaganda as………

Please note the one Moralmatters reader’s pointed observation of Hillary Clinton:……..”