Carrie Fisher: Hollywood Star Wars Actor Misled Gullible Public


……….The real and sad tragedy of the reported sudden death of Hollywood star, Carrie Fisher, is two-fold. She allowed herself to be used by the Hollywood and mainstream media propaganda whores to disseminate untruths.

Secondly, Carrie Fisher (via her Star War’s acting role) was part of a misinformation / propaganda team, disseminating crucial deceptions about Lord God’s created world and heavenly order…………

………….The late daughter of past Hollywood favorite, Debbie Reynolds, was one of several Hollywood “crisis actors” who was selected to……………

In A Decadent Culture Truth-Tellers Become Bigots


“The following was found on the web:…………….”

Homofascism: Eric Rush Scenario Describes Its Molestation And Boomerang Effect


“Please note: Scroll all the way down to the page to view the 1 and 1/2 minute video featuring the disturbing personal angst and hurt of Kylie Jenner & Kendall over Bruce Jenner’s self-inflicted gender molestation.

What specifically and finally will ultimately ‘transform’ traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America? Read the excellent commentary by Eric Rush following the Moralmatters mini-commentary. Erik’s piece, may very well answer the question as to what will precipitate the molestation end………………”

Dinesh D’ Souza’s America: Moralmatters Reader Comments About Political And Spiritual Control

“What the article exposes is all true about Dinesh D’Souza. He has had a very lucrative and high profile career in Elitist academia as a college educator and president. That is the first clue that he is an invested member of the control system. Just the fact that he was able to make films about Obama tells you that he is part of the control system. No one would be able to have as much access as he has had without being a part of the system. D’Souza is an important part of the “controlled opposition.” He was likely chosen and groomed for the role, and it has given him and his family a nice life……………”

US Liberal media and the decadent culture

Liberal media’s role in the constant changing decadent culture It is this web author’s firm belief that this world’s [cosmos] culture is not improving, but on the decline. The prophetic words of Jesus Christ in the Christian Gospels and those other prophetic words in the rest of the Christian New Testament,… Read more“US Liberal media and the decadent culture”