Kathy Griffin Propaganda: Designed To Assault Free Speech


“……….We all know what the fake cyber-bullying stories are about. Those stories are being put in play to convince the public that the government must shut down free speech on the Internet. The stories are not about ‘bullying’ at all………”

Facebook Trolls: Two Ways To Respond


“Last evening I noticed a Facebook comment that appeared following the Moralmatters posting of:

Brussels Bombing Fraud: Metro Station Scene: – moralmatters.org

Facebook comment:………………

Sandy Hook Hoax Denier: Internet Troll Submits Sick Comment To Moralmatters


“The following is a Moralmatters ‘dashboard’ sample of what Moralmatters sometimes receives as submitted comments. Of course, comments like the one copied below are placed into the spam facility.

It’s easy to discern those who are Internet trolls. They…………..

Moralmatters Successful In Conveying The Message About Criminal ID Fraud Aka Obama


“The following message threat appeared as a submitted comment to the Moralmatters “About” page. Apparently someone is upset with Moralmatters and the message it conveys. When truth hits raw nerves, people have 2 choices. Take inventory or blame and attack others………”

Moralmatters.org not the only website singled out and censored for malevolent purposes

Please note: Those of you who read the following and possess websites and Facebook Pages – please feel free to submit your comments following the article. Feedback can be very helpful to all of us affected by these nasty cyber attacks. Recently this Moralmatters website author was away on a… Read more“Moralmatters.org not the only website singled out and censored for malevolent purposes”