Hillary Clinton Crappy Candidate: The Reason Crybabies Can’t Accept Her Defeat


“………….It is no wonder to this Moralmatters author that today’s academic (softy) students are pampered. The educational system has failed them. It has offered them unreality. It has mesmerized their minds with the false religion of scientism which foremost, brainwashes their minds about the very physical place and environment on which they live and function. As such, many students (and post school adults) never do learn to question, think, examine and evaluate their world about them. They……….”

Hillary Clinton’s Crybaby Catcall Sleaze


“The ‘debate stalking’ claim by the lifestyle liar, Benghazi Butcher (aka, ‘Hillary Clinton’) is another fabrication. Reality has it……It’s one of the oldest tricks in the feminine (aka, bitch) book for a woman to complain and cat call that she has been stalked and harassed.”

Facebook Trolls: Two Ways To Respond


“Last evening I noticed a Facebook comment that appeared following the Moralmatters posting of:

Brussels Bombing Fraud: Metro Station Scene: – moralmatters.org

Facebook comment:………………

Big Government Crybaby Wailing Over Alleged Hacking: Looks Like Another False Reality


“False Reality Alert: U.S. Government Federal Employees Allegedly Hacked – Oh, Really?

It’s very often the case, that those who are “guilty as hell,” are the very first to strike out and play the one being, “hit-upon.”

When this Moralmatters author read this latest Yahoo.com Entertainment Tabloid News, his hackles were immediately raised. All he could think of was:……………….”