Criminal Obama Awards Pervert Biden A Medal Of Honor


“Please note the 2 minute video below following the two paragraph Moralmatters mini commentary…………………”

Trump Presidency Justice: Only One Way To Make America Great Again


“No one makes America ‘great again’ by ignoring treasonous actions against this United States.

You don’t ‘make America great again’ by allowing criminal politicians to run wild.

No one ‘makes America great again’ by allowing criminals of this Constitutional Republic to go without punishment………………..”

Scalia Alleged Death Report: Connecting The Dot Signs Of Obama Involvement


“Did Supreme Court Justice Scalia, actually die? Did he presumably die “alone” in his sleep, as was reported? Are we to believe that he died ‘naturally?’ without any credible confirmation, as per that, of an independent autopsy? Are we to readily believe scores of (“Brian William-CBS- type) repetitious mainstream media reports, that Scalia is no longer with us?

Or, did……………..”

Muslim “Refugees:” Crybaby Obama’s Lies And Ridicule Get Old


“The White House criminal ID forgery fraud, and lifestyle deceiver, aka Obama, is at it again; lying and ridiculing:…………….”

Putin’s Character Versus Obama’s: Pictures


“The following pics were found on the web. They help underscore the differences in character of Russia’s Putin and our United States criminal ID forgery fraud, aka Obama:……………..”

ISIS Mein Kampf: More Evidence Of Bâri′ Hitler-Shabazz Aka Barack Obama’s Crimes Against Humanity

“History is repetitive. Especially its proliferation of evil.

Contrary to post WWII Allied history, Third Reich Fascist Nazism was not entirely defeated. Instead it went underground. War criminals were allowed to escape. Contrary to Western propaganda the Third Reich leader did not die by suicide. Rather he escaped to carry on his world conquest dream now attempted to be fulfilled by grandson, “Bari-Shabazz Hitler.” ………………”

Americans Increasingly Aware: Recognize Obama’s Subversive Treason


< <<<<<<<<<< This Moralmatters author frequently engages in conversations. He does so - especially, in public. Yesterday he spent the greater part his day in a surgery waiting room for a family member. He conversed with well informed people about treasonous Obama. >>>>>>>>>>>>>