LaVoy Finicum Alleged Shooting: FBI Labels Him Oregon Occupier And Militant


“The following video of the alleged FBI shooting of LaVoy Finicum (link below) is circulating around the Internet. It appears to be another segment of the whole Oregon Standoff event which highlighted ranchers taking over government property in protest over an Oregon land dispute……………”

Planet X: Peekay22 On NASA’S Latest BS Dump


“In addition to what Peekay22 explains in his short 4 minute YouTube video, Moralmatters is again reminded of NASA’S criminal deception and extortion; how taxpayers are continually being exploited.

Watch one of criminal government’s scam artist, puppets, ‘Jim Green, NASA Director Of Planetary Science.’ Listen to………………..”

Hunting Hitler TV Series: Moralmatters Revisits His Critique


“It’s rare as hen’s teeth that this Moralmatters author should receive razor-edge feedback from one of his faithful readers. The reaction comment was received via private message soon after the shocked reader viewed the following Moralmatters commentary:……………”

The Father Of All Criminal Conspiracies: His Goal


“The fundamental nature of a criminal conspiracy is deception. Without lies there would be no criminal conspiracies. They are hand-in-glove operations. Without lies to conceal, there is no reason for wicked individuals to concoct fraudulent schemes to deceive the masses. Criminal conspiracies always have purpose. Purposes may vary but the goal is always the same: To gain control and to steer those deceived by the criminal conspiracies to believe, accept and behave in ways agreeable to the criminal conspirators………………..”

Mainstream Media Story Lines: Resist Being Mesmerized


“Why do gifted conservative / patriotic journalists go gung-ho accepting the mainstream media story lines? Why do they assume the government / media (version) of events? Why do they………………”

Philly Cop Shooting Crisis Actor: Mainstream Media Whores Disseminate Another False Reality


“………..Folks, forget your Hollywood TV Network soap operas! Forget you weekly Network TV dramas! Scratch them and glue yourself to government contrived / taxpayer funded false reality events! They are much more entertaining! Hee Haw!!! Maybe (reward for your foolish addiction) you’ll be contacted for a crisis acting job in your locale when NSA finds out how much time you sit on your fat ass sucking up all the Anderson Cooper-type propaganda!”

Crimes Against Humanity Obama Sheds No Sympathetic Tears


Please note short the YouTube video and related informational links following the Moralmatters mini-commentary:

Even though the world’s foremost crisis actor is criminal aka Obama, he still garners a grade “F,” for his fake tears. Not as much for the fake tears, but more so for lifestyle deception, “overkill.” He’s been lying to the American people and to the world, for 7 plus years. His overkill lies have reached the “law of ‘diminishing returns.'”

A wicked person’s snake-oiled mouth can only slither X amount……………

………..Post criminal aka Obama recovery and proliferating awareness over his worn-out presence will dominate the future. He will be like a nightmare, soon forgotten. Perhaps, that’s what Holy Scripture expresses when it says (that):…………….