NASA’S Neil Armstrong Moon Landing Lie


“…………….The above pic and script may be utilized by teachers and students as an exercise in thinking and logical analysis. of examination and evaluation. of questioning the reported official narrative. It can also be utilized as a tool to………….”

Adam Lanza And His Mythical Sandy Hook Shootout


“The best way to understand the world and political affairs, is to acknowledge the depravity of man; the depravity of human nature.” 

Orlando Florida F-You To Those Who Believe The Reported Pulse Club Massacre


“…………..If you care to view some sick low-lives, watch the following short video from a year ago. It’s their version of F-You and F-America and the rest of the world. It was recorded shortly after the Orlando Pulse shooting, false reality………….”

Florida: Favored Environment For Staged Terrorism Events


“It’s not surprising that Florida would be a favorite geographical area for government / law enforcement staged events. Florida hosts a sizable older population. Norther “snow-birds” escape their Northeast and Midwest winters, migrating south.That same population is very impressionable.

The aging population is especially vulnerable to propaganda mainstream media news. Aging seniors primary concern is creature comfort. Retirement and sedentary lifestyles help make the elderly ready and gullible viewers of Network Cable Soap Opera TV, while they sip their tea, coffee and adult beverages between rounds of golf-cart golf and Shuffleboard…………..”

Kathy Griffin Propaganda: Designed To Assault Free Speech


“……….We all know what the fake cyber-bullying stories are about. Those stories are being put in play to convince the public that the government must shut down free speech on the Internet. The stories are not about ‘bullying’ at all………”

President Trump, Saudi King And Egyptian President Celebrate The Global Lie


“Evidence continues to mount as to President Trump being another political crisis actor. This time it is his offensive first foreign trip. Reported news and video coverage coming out of Saudi Arabia has Donald Trump and administration officials jointing-in Saudi protocol celebration.

Most troubling was the hands-on model (false) facsimile of the world; a spherical type glowing object looking like a model globe.

Why would President Trump and other high profile Easterners participate in this type of ceremony?…………….”

Maxine Waters: Another Hypocrite Politician


“The following script and pic are compliments of a Moralmatters viewer:………………”