Mainstream Media Story Lines: Resist Being Mesmerized


“Why do gifted conservative / patriotic journalists go gung-ho accepting the mainstream media story lines? Why do they assume the government / media (version) of events? Why do they………………”

Philly Cop Shooting Crisis Actor: Mainstream Media Whores Disseminate Another False Reality


“………..Folks, forget your Hollywood TV Network soap operas! Forget you weekly Network TV dramas! Scratch them and glue yourself to government contrived / taxpayer funded false reality events! They are much more entertaining! Hee Haw!!! Maybe (reward for your foolish addiction) you’ll be contacted for a crisis acting job in your locale when NSA finds out how much time you sit on your fat ass sucking up all the Anderson Cooper-type propaganda!”

Stationary Earth: Biblical References From The Divine Revelation


“………….The following information comprises Bible Scriptures which tell us the description of the place on which we live. That earth-view description, is far different than what fallen government and corrupt media tell us. Believing the deceptions of crimes against the peace, government, and its (enabling) criminal media, has far-reaching detrimental results. Coloring one’s daily reality with CGI (computer generated images) is not living (in) or experiencing, reality. That’s an existence of illusion, confusion and folly……………”

Hunting Hitler History Channel Actors: Government Crisis Actors Playing Dual Roles?


“In the spirit of the worthy exercise of questioning, examining and evaluating, this Moralmatters author lists questions and concerns about the recent History Channel’s “Hunting Hitler” series………….”

False Victims: Government Contrived False Reality Crisis Actors


“Moralmatters readers are informed about government contrived false reality events. Sometimes they alert this author of the latest. At other times they respond to this author who posts some of the many staged events.

Here, following are some of those comments – specifically addressed to one of the latest false realities:…………..”

Here, following are some of those comments – specifically to one of the latest:………..”

Gay Assaults: An Obama False Reality Playground


“Moralmatters suspects that the criminal ID forgery fraud, aka Obama (contaminated) White House has found another venue to promulgate its government contrived false reality violence events………….”