New Year 2017: The Most Prominent Political Issue


The most prominent political issue of 2017 will not be publicized by propaganda mainstream media news.

The most prominent political issue of 2017 among nations is the issue of willful and continued deception. That issue of deception is……………..

Eric Dubay: Flat Earth Advocate Fell Off The Deep End


“Eric Dubay has accomplished much to advance clear knowledge of “Stationary Earth.” This Moralmatters author does not doubt for one moment that Mr. Dubay has been a modern-day pioneer in bringing to the world specific indisputable information which highlights and illustrates the true physical nature of our world. Also, Eric has brought to bear, certain lies and deceit which are disseminated by certain “powers that be” who are hell-bent proliferating their damning propaganda of heliocentric earth…………..”

Juno Jupiter Space Probe: NASA Deception


“………….Don’t believe the latest NASA boasting news. NASA did not conquer what it fantastically claims to have conquered. The only thing NASA conquers, is minds. Gullible minds of which it, brainwashes……………..”

Muhammad Ali: Media Uses His Death For Propaganda Purposes


When a Hollywood, political or sports celebrity dies the mainstream whoredom media is more than ready, to proliferate its propaganda. It’s coverage of the person, passed on, glorifies the personality’s life. The propaganda is rife with extolling the deceased’s beliefs and life’s actions which often are contrary to “normal,” traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America. and, to good morals and genuine “spirituality.”……….

……..Corrupt United States enabling media would have the public believe that Islam is a legitimate “religion.” That same whorish media would have the public believe that Islam is respectable; that it is peaceable. What that same wicked media fail to convey, is…………..

Muhammad Ali: His Erroneous View Of Islam


“Not only was Muhammad Ali misinformed about the San Bernadino false reality (see news piece excerpt, below); he held a false view of Islam. the same erroneous view that GW Bush propagandized following 9/11; that, Islam was [is] a religion of peace.

Islam is not a religion of peace. It shouldn’t even be categorized as a religion. Islam is…………..”

Christians Deny Creator Christ: Fall Prey To Pseudo-Science God


“The following picture (below – scroll down) helps to illustrate the historical Biblical Scripture (and present-day) reality. That reality, indicts most professing Christians, who, sadly and pathetically fail to practice the First, of The Ten Commandments! [‘You shall have no other gods before Me!’]

These politically correct ‘Christians’………………..”