America’s Gift: 2014 Midterm Election Results


“…………..A huge gift to the country is the fact that on January 1, 2015 Harry Reid will no longer be Senate majority leader. Former Press Secretary, Dana Perino called Senator Reid “an absolutely poisonous person in politics.” On his desk, sit over 350 bills passed by the House of Representatives…………

………..Republicans controlling both houses of Congress is the gift that keeps on giving. They can now send bill after bill to the president’s desk. He can sign them or with his veto show the country who is keeping the economy stagnant. We the people are tired of a steady diet of lies and accusations coming from the Obama White House. Congress now has access to the ‘bully pulpit’ and should take to the microphone as often as possible………….”

Congressman Gowdy: Less Talk And More Do!

“……Americans want their US Constitution to be once again, followed. They desire decisive action that will tip the balance of stale government do-nothing status quo to that which actually and practically works for the common moral good!…..

Cowardly Congress Allows Obama Power Grab

Obama Grabs More Kingly Power – Comments: This Obama  power grab of  the “appointment tool,” is really no surprise. After all, Obama is all about control without regard to Constitutional (checks and balances) government. And, it is no surprise why the Republicans have not kicked up a fuss about… Read more“Cowardly Congress Allows Obama Power Grab”