Americans Have A Huge Mental Problem


A Moralmatters Reader pinpointed a huge mental problem that most Americans possess. He submitted the following comment (below) after the Moralmatters article of:

“News Events: Stop, Think, Question, Examine And Evaluate”………………

Friends And Colleagues: How To Rile And Alienate Them


“Perhaps, the quickest way to rile and alienate your friends is to be a “know-it-all.” Always speak to them with surety. Let them know that you are always “on top” of the latest conversation subject. Always tell them,……………”

Unrestrained Government Manipulates History Using Current Day Technology: Molestation Examples


“‘Unrestrained government is a wicked self-appointed third party busybody influence, molesting human communications and manipulating history.’ – Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel

A significant portion of daily collective history is the transaction of human communication. To willfully molest that communication is to arbitrarily interfere with history. But that has never stood in the way of…………”