Christ’s Resurrection From The Dead: Its Life And Death Significance

………The historical documents of the Hebrew Old Testament and Christian New Testament Scriptures are second to none. People who cast aspersions upon the testimony of Scripture do so because of their sin. Their unbelief and sinful lifestyle subdue any spiritual perception on their part. [1 Corinthians 2:14] …………

Christmas Christians: Scrap The Savior For Scientism


“……………Many professing Christians would never think or dream of physically molesting their children. That, would be unimaginable, egregious and a clear violation of Christian love and against Lord God’s Commandments. But, these same professed Christians daily allow their children to be spiritually and mentally molested by the malevolent culture.

Professing Christian parents allow their children to be subjects of brutal mind control. They do this by……………”

Merry Christmas and an earnest prayer and wish from

We live in a world, hell-bent for destruction. All one has to do, living in the United States, is not to look far. This nation has been blest by the Triune [true] God. But, it has lost that favored status. For those still godly, moral and / or ethical enough,… Read more“Merry Christmas and an earnest prayer and wish from”