Hillary Clinton: Illegal Arms Shipment To Destroy A Trump Election Victory


“A disturbing news report posted by EU Times on Oct 27th, 2016, has the Hillary Clinton Foundation purchase of illegal arms and subsequent shipment to the United States. Those reported actions, are claimed to be intended and designed to upend (and demolish) Donald Trump’s impending 2016 Presidential Election Victory……………..”

Hillary Clinton: Naked Reality


“………..Do not look at the following picture of Hillary Clinton unless you have a strong constitution.

Especially, do not look at it if you care to fall asleep at night. Pass it by and avoid future nightmares…………..”

Hillary Clinton At 3:00 AM


“……………..The following cartoon pic was sent by a Moralmatters Reader. This author does not care to minimize criminal Clinton by featuring something of a humorous nature. However, the pic speaks for itself. the wicked character of malignant, Mrs. Clinton:……………….”

Criminal Masquerading Mainstream Media Celebrates Criminal Hillary Clinton As A Victorious Victim


“Not only is Hillary Clinton, the criminal ID forgery fraud and his political cabal deserving of the gallows over their Benghazi lies and treasonous armament ‘gun-running’ to Muslim terrorists, but certain influential media personalities are equally guilty for spreading their treasonous propaganda against Americans and America’s Constitutional Republic……………”

Hillary Clinton Team Shreds Incriminating State Department Documents: Testimony Of State Deputy Assistant Sec. Maxwell


“It really isn’t a surprise what Hillary Clinton recently did to circumvent the legal order to hand over her emails records. Hillary has a history of evading the truth and destroying evidence………….”

Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi testimony breathes new meaning into the proverbial and guttural description of “lying bitch”

It was a hurdle that the former president Bill Clinton’s wife and First Lady had to jump. This hurdle was, apparently delayed because of a head injury. But, after all that was apparently dealt with, that testimony hurdle of testifying about the Benghazi massacre had to happen and finally took… Read more“Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi testimony breathes new meaning into the proverbial and guttural description of “lying bitch””

Obama discovers terrorism or does he?

Would you believe that our Muslim orientated White House occupier has discovered the reality of terrorism against the United States? Don’t you think it is about time? Or, has he really admitted that Islamic terrorists are waging their terrorist war against America? Supposedly and finally Obama, through his spokesman, Jay… Read more“Obama discovers terrorism or does he?”