Naked Times Square Crisis Actor: Psychological Operation


“This was a paid performance put in play to convince the dumbed-down public that Donald Trump attracts mentally ill people who are ‘dangerous.’…………..”

Scalia Alleged Death Report: Connecting The Dot Signs Of Obama Involvement


“Did Supreme Court Justice Scalia, actually die? Did he presumably die “alone” in his sleep, as was reported? Are we to believe that he died ‘naturally?’ without any credible confirmation, as per that, of an independent autopsy? Are we to readily believe scores of (“Brian William-CBS- type) repetitious mainstream media reports, that Scalia is no longer with us?

Or, did……………..”

Wild Web Pic: Change We Can Believe In


“Please note the related informational links following the glaring large pic…………” Making progress with website changes

This author wishes to convey his “sorry” for a recent 24 interruption of service to its many faithful viewers and to those who are fairly new to this website’s content. Presently, there are some obvious appearance (screen) changes; and, there are other unseen changes. You, the reader, are fortunate… Read more“ Making progress with website changes”