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“………….A true barometer whether Donald Trump will make good of his promise to “Make America Great Again” will be the abandonment of government contrived and staged propaganda and violence events. also, the indictment and prosecution of America’s political criminals.

A nation cannot flourish and succeed when its own government dishonestly operates with stealth and concealment against its own countrymen. A country cannot truly benefit its populace when it works behind the scenes to spread fear. when it manipulates; when it makes it its business to censor free speech and encourages media to disseminate propaganda for mind control purposes. A nation cannot forge a brave new future when it allows past criminal and treasonous political subversives to go unpunished…………..” – Source: “Donald Trump: How Will We Know He Is Not A Political Puppet?” – moralmatters.org

President Donald Trump: How Will We Know He’s The Real Thing?

A genuine leader speaks with honesty. He leads with reality at his left hand and truth on his right. He purges the present path of history from deception and eschews propaganda promulgated against the populace. Pic source: “12 George S. Patton Motivational Posters That Will Make You Wonder Where America’s Real Leaders Are” – ijr.com

How will we know Donald Trump is the real thing? How will we know that he is his own man? How will we know he is no one’s puppet?

How will we know if President Donald Trump really cares for America and its future?

Recently, a movie was released highlighting the Boston Marathon staged “bombing” event. It was [is] another historical revisionist effort. For years following a false reality’s calendar anniversary, fake news media uses the calendar date of such contrived and staged events to memorialize the propaganda affairs.

Donald Trump is certainly outspoken. No serious person doubts his bluntness. One recent example: he’s called out CNN for its fake news.

Accordingly, will President Donald Trump be similarly outspoken about specific news events that were staged and widely reported by mainstream propaganda media? That type of outspokenness by the new U.S. 45th President would signal that Donald Trump is “the real thing.”

A Donald Trump Presidency calling out multiple criminal Obama false reality propaganda events would be a fresh beginning to make America Great Again. It would herald a new era of truthfulness for this American Federal Government. It would clearly show the populace that a President Trump possesses sterling character and leadership. That action of truth-telling would trumpet moral courage and illustrate that a President Donald Trump is not controlled by big-brother government agencies such as the CIA, FBI, NSA, NASA, DHS and other leading bureaucratic centers of government manipulation and regulation.

Gravitating to leadership presupposes that one has vanquished his enemies. A poor leader allows his enemies to escape into the shadows. Pic source: “12 George S. Patton Motivational Posters That Will Make You Wonder Where America’s Real Leaders Are” – ijr.com

Furthermore we will know if Donald Trump really cares for America, if under his new presidential administration he brings to justice past politicians, government bureaucrats and other individuals who have committed grievous political and other crimes.

How can the making of America to be great again, be accomplished, if those who did great harm to this country are allowed to slime underground and their further destructive activities be allowed to fester like gangrene?

How will allowing temporal justice to be stymied and prevented, benefit a better and great America?

Open wounds need to be cleansed of infection. Allowing political criminals to exist without indictments, prosecution, trials, sentencing and punishments is green-lighting the political scum to rise again with their crimes against peace, perpetrating further great harm and destruction to this Constitutional Republic.

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“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 


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