Obama’s Beau Biden Eulogy: An Unrepentant Tyrant’s Conflicted Rhetoric


“……….Aka Obama’s Beau Biden eulogy was praised by Bari’s mainstream media. Such suck-up adulation is no surprise. One headline implied that the Beau Biden death, the mourning and funeral events………..

……….The eulogy read “speech” was very well constructed. Aka Obama in boot-click cadence fashion began with the “broad-shouldered” theme. He carried that virtue imagery to the very scripted, end. But, like all of Bari’s spoken words, he cannot begin and end his utterances, without reflecting and showcasing his lifestyle lying character. So it was with the Beau Biden Eulogy……………”

ADOLF HITLER’S 126th BIRTHDAY: Did Grandson Bâri′ Throw A Party?


“Please note the related informational links and short youtube video following the Moralmatters mini-commentary:

Today marked Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler’s 126th birthday. Did his grandson, commonly known as (alias) ‘Barack Obama’ celebrate at ‘his’ White House brewery bar? If so, whom did he invite? Did they all inebriate themselves in joyous rapture over hoodwinking a gullible and trusting American public? Did they kick back and enjoy some Nazi youtube clips such as?:………………..”

Obama’s Fundamental Change Of America: His Grandfather Adolph Hitler’s Nazi Dream


“Does anything (anymore) surprise you, about our criminal White House ID (forgery) fraud, aka Obama? The following information (though) is a stunner! Access it without preconceived notions or propaganda stereotypes.


Researcher Trowbridge Exposes Obama’s Matriarchal Domestic Terrorist Weather Underground Roots: Hell-Bent On Overthrowing America

………Investigative Researcher Martha Trowbridge strikes a compelling case that Obama’s domestic terrorist mother, Elizabeth Ann Duke, was [is] the “brain child” of the US criminal White House ID fraud, aka Obama – Bari Malik Shabazz……..

Researcher Trowbridge Links Obama To 1975 Weather Underground Domestic Terrorist Group

…….Discovering that violent means was not the [then] practical and prudent manner to reach their malevolent goals, Bari Malik Shabazz – [now] aka Barack Hussein Obama was drafted (“launched”) and groomed to be the US de facto “president,” criminal White House ID fraud, to complete the job…….

Bari’s White House Secretary Of Bullshit: Jay Carney

Jay Carney demonically denied that the White House deliberately deceived the world about the 9/11/12 Benghazi Massacre.

More Pieces of the Obama Identity Scandal?

The Following Linked Article Is An Interesting Read – Especially With The Included Videos: Bari M. Shabazz, fugitive from Hawaiian justice, had to “die” so Barack Obama could run – “Two astonishing pieces of evidence — both connected to someone using the identity of Bari Shabazz — the same last… Read more“More Pieces of the Obama Identity Scandal?”