Apollo Astronaut Deceiver Gene Cernan Dies: His Brightest Moment Surpassed


“The lies of NASA and mainstream media continue to be proliferated. No human being stepped foot on the Moon. The Moon is in the heavens, Creator God’s domain.

It is not scientifically possible for humans to reach the Moon. NASA, itself has admitted that. Yet,…………………”

Stationary Earth: Clear Non-Curvature Evidence That Contradicts A Spherical Earth


…………..If this earth were spherical shaped, it would be impossible to see the whole of the Chicago Skyline (high rise buildings) from 50 miles away. According to the (unproven) heliocentric theory, the earth’s surface, curves. The longer the geographical distance; the longer the curvature, according to the public propaganda, passed off as “science.”……………..

NASA’S Orion Project Refutes Apollo Moon “Landings”


“Note the short video below. It features a young (supposed) NASA ‘engineer’ relating about NASA’S Orion space trip project. Hear the substance of what he says and put 2 and 2 together. As a spokesman for NASA, he essentially refutes last Century’s alleged Apollo spaceship trips to the moon and back………………”

Four Mysterious Rivers: Mackenzie, Ob, Lena And Nile


“Please enjoy the beautiful scenery while you seriously read the short video’s script. Exercise your cognitive senses and especially your ‘common sense.’ Ask yourself if the 4 rivers, highlighted, are really that ‘mysterious.’ Step your mind outside the political correctness box. Please recall………….”

Mooned By NASA: The Propaganda Apollo Moon Landing Theatrical Event


“A Moralmatters reader left the following comment after the past commentary of: Americans Believed The Cold War Era Moon Landing Hoax: Still Do – moralmatters.org

An apt description of gullibility can be found in the Divine Revelation of Scripture. Various Biblical passage sources help to explain why most humans are so easily swayed by corrupt government contrived propaganda – which of course, is parroted by a willing complacent back-pocket, evil mainstream media: …………….”