NASA Nemesis: The Firmament


“…….Modern United States is one of the most wicked, in human history. Not only does it needlessly and destructively meddles into the affairs of sovereign nations (making war and murdering priceless souls); it also perpetrates Crimes Against Peace against its own populace.

Current corrupt American government with its enabling mainstream whoredom media continually, propagandizes. It lies and deceives. A principle arm of malevolent U.S. government is NASA. It’s another major renegade agency of government whose purpose is to brainwash the public. Chief among its goals is to further perpetuate the heliocentric untruth.

Please take special pause starting @ 8:30 minutes into the excellent below, presented by FE-Mirror. For those of you honest and intelligent enough to think, question, examine and evaluate, you will have to admit………”

Stationary Earth: Clear Non-Curvature Evidence That Contradicts A Spherical Earth


…………..If this earth were spherical shaped, it would be impossible to see the whole of the Chicago Skyline (high rise buildings) from 50 miles away. According to the (unproven) heliocentric theory, the earth’s surface, curves. The longer the geographical distance; the longer the curvature, according to the public propaganda, passed off as “science.”……………..

NASA Moon Landings: Santa Claus Type Adult Fantasy


“Not many YouTube videos are under 30 seconds. Enjoy this revealing 17 second, one:

Spinning Earth Versus Stationary Earth: What Difference Does It Make?


“What difference does it make if people accept a worldview of ‘spinning earth’ as opposed to ‘stationary earth?…………….’