Americans Have A Huge Mental Problem


A Moralmatters Reader pinpointed a huge mental problem that most Americans possess. He submitted the following comment (below) after the Moralmatters article of:

“News Events: Stop, Think, Question, Examine And Evaluate”………………

U.S. Government Spying: Immoral Surveillance And Subversive Activities Against Americans


…………………Government (and corporate) sponsored spying, extends much further than “surveillance.” That malevolent activity mushrooms into elaborate programs of propaganda and Cyberspace deception on a global scale……………………….

Donald Trump Presidency: Rescue From Fascist Washington DC


< <<<<<<<<<<<< If Donald Trump became America's next President, would he actuate what he has trumpeted? Would he "Make America Great Again?" Would he radically alter Washington DC politics to (really) benefit the citizenry? Would he return America to its rightful Constitutional heritage? Would his actions match his campaign rhetoric? Time will tell........ Presently, Donald Trump is the only high profile individual running for U.S. president, who says he will prevent this United States from committing a slow self-willed and arrogant suicide. Trump is vociferously enthusiastic. He believes that it is imperative that this American national state should >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Americans Increasingly Aware: Recognize Obama’s Subversive Treason


< <<<<<<<<<< This Moralmatters author frequently engages in conversations. He does so - especially, in public. Yesterday he spent the greater part his day in a surgery waiting room for a family member. He conversed with well informed people about treasonous Obama. >>>>>>>>>>>>>

9/11 World Trade Center Building 7: Collapse By Planned Demolition


“The 3rd 9/11 high rise building which was ignored in the government 9/11 report was not reported to have been struck by an airliner. It’s crumbling destruction issued from……….

………….That apparent contrived demolition offers more vindication to the (unfairly) despised, ridiculed and stereotyped group, cat called, ‘9/11 truthers.’ It would do everyone well to remember that official government reports are………..”

SONY Hack Mission Successful: Most Americans Believe The Refuse Propaganda


“You have to be a foolish and gullible person to believe the corrupt government and mainstream media propaganda that North Korea was responsible for the SONY Internet hack. The North Korean government cannot even adequately feed its own people, let alone provide basic electricity for them. Yet, (curiously) this restrictive big mouth / carry-a-little-stick government, is the (convenient) scapegoat of the aka Obama cabal, which is gearing up to protect Americans from “evil” Internet hackers……………..”