Fake News Story: Ft. Lauderdale Airport Alleged Shooting And Forced Gun Control


“………………This story happened in Florida. It occurred just 6 months after the FAKE, 100% HOAX Orlando Gay Nightclub story, also in Florida.

Just two days ago (January 4, 2017), Florida Law makers introduced a new gun control bill into the Florida state legislature, so this airport story is now being foisted on the public so as to boost demand and support for stricter gun control in Florida………………….”

Roseburg Oregon Umpqua School False Reality “Shooting:” Moralmatters Adds Another Resource Page


“Please note the new Moralmatters topic resource page, called:…………….”

Antioch, TN Theater Alleged “Shooting:” Appears To Be Another False Reality Event


< <<<<<<<<<<< Moralmatters Reader said: "Why didn’t the witness call 9-1-1?" .......................... .........................Look at the face of the man who refused to give his name - even though he claimed to be a "victim" to the reported "theater shooting." >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

SC Charleston Church “Shooting” Event Intended To Traumatize Blacks, Christians And Brainwash Americans


< <<<<<<<<<<<< A Moralmatters Reader shares the following about the contrived SC Charleston Church "shooting" event: My friend who said SC was a "verifiable shooting" is the same guy who insisted that 9/11 was an inside job for so many years that I finally started researching it. How this guy does not know that this incident is a fake is just beyond me. But I don't know what he thinks about >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

SC Charleston Church Contrived Event: Slimy Repeat Call For Government Gun Control


“Please note the related informational links, following the Moralmatters mini commentary and short video:

One of the telltale signs of a government contrived propaganda and violence events, is what immediately follows. Within hours of the South Carolina church ‘shooting,’ there were renewed cat calls for more stringent gun control. A special focus this time is upon those who are “mental” cases, or who are thought to be potential mental cases.

And, as usual, gullible Americans………………..”

SC Charleston Church Alleged Shooting: Racial Narrative Accompanies False Reality Events


Please note: That a government contrived propaganda / violence event can be fake or real. Theatrical blood or real blood. Crisis actors can be controlled “contributors.” They can be mesmerized via drugs and other means to carry out staged events.

Also – think, “patsy.” This author recalls when he was a little boy. He was an arsonist patsy for another (older) child who gave him the matches. The “mission possible” was to get rid of the straw bale fort which was used by other children, of which I was forbidden to be a part. [I had all the motive in the world to destroy that, with which I was excluded] I will never forget being discovered by my father. Instinctively, he sought me out, knowing that I had set the fire and caused the Fire Department to come to rescue the nearby car and garage by hosing the fire.


One of the latest (believed by this Moralmatters author) to be a false reality event, is the SC Charleston alleged murders of 9 people at a reported historic black church >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>