Carrie Fisher: Hollywood Star Wars Actor Misled Gullible Public


……….The real and sad tragedy of the reported sudden death of Hollywood star, Carrie Fisher, is two-fold. She allowed herself to be used by the Hollywood and mainstream media propaganda whores to disseminate untruths.

Secondly, Carrie Fisher (via her Star War’s acting role) was part of a misinformation / propaganda team, disseminating crucial deceptions about Lord God’s created world and heavenly order…………

………….The late daughter of past Hollywood favorite, Debbie Reynolds, was one of several Hollywood “crisis actors” who was selected to……………

Hoax, False Flag and False Reality: What Do They Have In Common?


< <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< "..........You watch a film done by actors. When it comes to some sad part, REAL tears come from one’s eyes.The brain does not realize that you’re seeing ACTORS playing a fictional part while they’re covered with FAKE blood. Your BRAIN sees it as REAL.!!! Only your intellect can sort it all out with CRITICAL thinking and remind you what you’re seeing is DRAMA and not real life. When millions of people see these HOAXES their brain thinks it’s REAL…..when it’s not. People do not realize just how evil their government can be.” - Moralmatters reader >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Why People Believe Government Contrived Propaganda And Violence Events: AKA Hoaxes


“Moralmatters is convinced that there are 2 major reasons why multiple millions of people believe and act upon government contrived propaganda and violence events – aka hoaxes (scam-frauds). These two reasons are intelligently and succinctly stated in a recent comment by an avid reader: ………………”