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Donald Trump And Operation Mockingbird’s Full Control Of Media

A Moralmatters Reader offers the following:

“Mr. Trump reacts to the effects of Operation Mockingbird. He probably does not now about it….few people do. We live in horrific dark times. Article:”

Trump rants against freedom of the press: The Donald claims he’d be ‘beating Hillary by 20%’ if the ‘disgusting and corrupt media’ hadn’t undermined him

Is Donald Trump ignorant of why mainstream media is, the way it is? Doesn’t he know what is behind propaganda media? Or, is he playing a political crisis acting role? Or, whatever……….?

Pic Source: "Operation Mockingbird, CIA Media Control Program" -

Pic Source: “Operation Mockingbird, CIA Media Control Program” –

Reality has it, that mainstream media is completely controlled. There is no journalism in mainstream media. Media corporations don’t question. They don’t examine and evaluate day-to-day alleged events. They just report them as genuine spontaneous happenings.

The major media networks then pass on, what is scripted to them from above. In turn, local media TV and Radio outlets are willing accomplices to parrot the mainstream media propaganda whoredom news. It’s all scripted from the “powers that be” – aka, the “elitists.”

Do you ever wonder why all the major “conservative” talk show hosts never question contrived and staged shooting events? Do you ever wonder why these talk show host (media prostitutes) are being paid by big government to host their 3 hour radio broadcasts? Ever hear, commercials like, “” ?

Please reference the past Moralmatters articles of:

Pic Source: "Operation Mockingbird: CIA Control of Mainstream Media – The Full Story" -

Pic Source: “Operation Mockingbird: CIA Control of Mainstream Media – The Full Story” –

Whether Trump is aware or not, of the corrupt government “machinery” behind the everyday “news,” is not readily apparent. However, rather than exposing the deep dark underbelly of mainstream media, Trump has chosen to take to Twitter and single out the New York Times:

WAR ON MEDIA BEGINS: Trump Needs Every American To Do 1 Thing For Him Right Now – 

Essentially, Donald Trump is asking his following to spread the awareness of a corrupt New York Times; asking his supporters to repeatedly flood social media with the following message:


But, isn’t this Donald Trump appeal, “Mickey Mouse?” Certainly it is, when the Trump campaign could (rather) be exposing why mainstream media outlets such as the New York Times, are so corrupt and wicked? Trump needs to marshal a meaningful and substantive offensive, exposing why mainstream media act the way it does. He needs to tell it like it is! Does he really understand; or, is there some other reason he will not fully expose the government / media corruption? Please note the recent Moralmatters article:

Donald Trump Makes It Clear: He’s Complacent With Government Crimes –

Editor’s Note:

Do not be disappointed should Donald Trump be elected next U.S. President and should he not follow through with his campaign promises. Do not be disappointed if and when he turns out to be a disappointment to your high expectations and aspirations. Do not be disappointed if and when Donald Trump does federal government business the old political correctness way.

This Moralmatters author will vote for Donald Trump. He is hopeful and is praying for the best. But Trump is only one man. one fallible human being.

“Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help.” – Psalm 146:3 – KJV

The aka Obama commie cabal are in Thanksgiving mode. They are thanking themselves for doing such a good job of manipulating events in Ferguson Missouri. Not only that, but rejoicing in their mind control of many unsuspecting and gullible Americans.

Mainstream media is not a reflection of reality. It is propaganda designed to engineer cultural change by the ruling elitists. Pic source: Found on the web.

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A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 


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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel