Orlando False Reality Shooting: Fake Funeral


“This Moralmatters emeritus Christian pastor author recently conducted a Christian burial. In all his experience of presiding over funerals, he has not encountered those present, to laugh. There are, expressions of joy, that the deceased soul is with Lord God, forever; but not giddy (unreal) laughter.

But when you have false reality crisis actors present at fake funerals, the somber (authentic) expressions of genuine grief need not be inwardly felt and outwardly, experienced.

Note the……………..”

Orlando Pulse Nightclub False Reality Shooting: Moralmatters New Topic Resource Page


“Moralmatters has assembled multiple informational links on the Orlando, Florida Pulse Nightclub false reality shooting. They are compiled on the following topic resource page:………………”

Orlando False Reality Shooting Massacre: Cop Laughs At Brain Dead


“……….The following 2 minute Peekay Truth video highlights a law enforcement character. He’s not like most crisis actor law enforcement officers, presiding over another false reality event. Instead, he comes with a (“duping delight”) grin, smile and a wink. He’s happy and lets the viewing audience know it. He heartily laughs (and mocks) because he knows the Orlando (so-called) “shooting massacre” has been produced for the brain dead……………”

Chemtrails Timelapse: DITRH 2 Minute Video


“Those who deny the reality of Chemtrails are arrogantly living in denial. These same reality deniers are the same people who rely on propaganda mainstream (whoredom) media to spoon feed them their daily diet ‘news’ rations. They sit upon their fat and lazy asses clasping their big screen remotes, believing what they see and hear from Cable Network News.

These intellectual cripples are considered ‘normal’ people. They come from all walks of life. They come from many religious persuasions.

One of those major religious persuasions, is Christianity. It’s professed followers…………..”

9/11 World Trade Center Building 7: Collapse By Planned Demolition


“The 3rd 9/11 high rise building which was ignored in the government 9/11 report was not reported to have been struck by an airliner. It’s crumbling destruction issued from……….

………….That apparent contrived demolition offers more vindication to the (unfairly) despised, ridiculed and stereotyped group, cat called, ‘9/11 truthers.’ It would do everyone well to remember that official government reports are………..”

Controlled Demolition: Cause of Three 9/11 High Rise Steel Structures Collapsing


“Please watch and listen to the 2 minute youtube trailer and note that there was a 3rd building that collapsed in the immediate vicinity without having been struck by an airplane.

“WTC Building 7″ collapsed as the other 2 World Trade Center higher rise steel structures, by the same controlled demolition. And, with no striking airplane!……….”

Americans Are Conspiracy Theorists Of Apathy, Silence and Gullibility


“………….Honest investigation and seeking the truth mean little to those who accuse and label others as conspiracy theorists. It makes no difference if the Van Allen Radiation Belts prevented last Century’s reported Apollo moon mission from an actual moon landing. That is irrelevant to those who do not question big government and its compliant mainstream media. After all, the “moon landing” was seen by all who desired to view, on Network TV. Damn those conspiracy theorists who suggest that the multi-billion dollar NASA reported moon landing program was a carefully constructed Hollywood-type production…………”